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$15.00 ea
Winchester AA 12 Ga Shotgun Shell Zipper Pull
Our Shotgun Shell Zipper Pull is hand assembled using the brass heads (the ends) of two 12 gauge Winchester AA Shotgun Shell hulls which have been joined together.  This is done so it is finished on both sides.  A new brass snake chain and a split ring is then attached, leaving a clean looking Zipper Pull with smooth lines.

There is no live primers and the colour of used primers will vary.
Shotgun Shell Zipper Pull Shown on Jacket As our zipper pulls are individually handcrafted, each one is unique and subtly different in design and dimension.

Approximate specifications are:

Diameter (across):  7/8"
Thickness:  3/8"
Weight:  .2 oz
Shotgun Shell Zipper Pull
Tip:  It is much easier to attach your Zipper Pull while not wearing your jacket.

Please note:  These are designed for regular material clothing only.  If used on heavier material ( i.e. leather or heavy canvas etc) where the pulling force of the zipper is greater, the zipper pull will fail.

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Canada Other Letter Mail $ 3.00 included n/a 1 - 2 weeks
USA Small Packet $ 8.00 included n/a 2 weeks
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