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$ 7.00 ea
40 S&W Bullet Zipper Pull
40 S&W
357 Magnum Bullet Zipper Pull
45 ACP Bullet Zipper Pull
45 ACP
44 Remington Magnum Bullet Zipper Pull
44 Rem Mag
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Our authentic Bullet Zipper Pulls are hand assembled starting with a nickel pistol cartridge and a new round nose or full metal jacket bullet.  We use nickel cases only as brass cases would easily tarnish. There is no powder or live primers.
Bullet Zipper Pull Shown on Jacket A new nickel snake chain and split ring is then attached inside the cartridge, through the primer pocket hole at the base of the cartridge, leaving a clean looking Zipper Pull with smooth lines.

Although it may take a little more time to attach your zipper pull, by using a smaller split ring, this resulted in the overall look being sleeker and stronger.

Tip:  It is much easier to attach your Zipper Pull while not wearing your jacket.

Please note:  These are designed for regular material clothing only.  If used on heavier material ( i.e. leather or heavy canvas etc) where the pulling force of the zipper is greater, the zipper pull will fail.
Bullet Zipper Pulls are available in the following calibers.  As our zipper pulls are individually handcrafted, each one is unique and subtly different in design and dimension.

Approximate specifications are:
Caliber Bullet Overall Length Weight
40 S&W Hollow Point 2 1/4" .4 oz
357 Magnum Round Nose 3" .4 oz
45 ACP Round Nose 2 1/2" .5 oz
44 Rem Mag Hollow Point 2 3/4" .6 oz
Shipping and Handling Information
Destination Service S&H Fee Insurance Tracking Transit Time
Canada Other Letter Mail $3.00 included n/a 1 - 2 weeks
USA Small Packet $9.00 included n/a 2 weeks
~ We automatically combine ship whenever possible ~
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