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$13.00 ea
Bullet Drawer Handle - Single
Single Bullet Drawer / Cabinet Door Handles are handmade using an authentic 30-06 nickel rifle case and an emptied factory copper bullet.  Please note as my supplies vary, the head stamp may have a different manufacturer.  There are no live primers.  Made entirely of nickel plated components so they will stay shiny and require less cleaning.

These are designed to install on 9/16" thick cupboard door/drawer.  If you have a thicker/thinner application, you will have to go to your local hardware store for your required bolt length.

The 8-32 x 1 1/2" bolt (two are supplied) requires approx. a 3/16" to 7/32" hole to accommodate the bolt and allow for adjustment.

*  Holes are approx. 1 1/2" center to center
*  Overall length is approx 3 1/4" long
*  These can be mounted vertically or horizontally
*  Do not over tighten bolts when installing
*  Single Bullet Handle Installation Instruction Video
TIP:  If you currently have only have one door knob, you may want to mount this door handle in a vertical position, so you can use the existing hole in your cabinet door.

Our Bullet Drawer Handles are hand crafted, not poured metal.  They are designed for lightweight door/drawers ONLY.  They are not fragile, but they are not indestructible, care has to be taken due to the nature of its unique design.

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