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50 BMG Bullet Pens
$27.00 ea
50 BMG Retractable Bullet Pens
Our Military 50 BMG Clicker Bullet Pen is a retractable pen and is hand assembled using authentic fired 50 cal Browning Machine Gun (BMG) brass cases and pulled .50 cal military FMJ bullets.

All rifle cases and bullets have been modified so that they are no longer capable of being used (reloaded into live ammunition).  There is no powder or live primers.

The pen is approximately 5 inches long with a 3/4" diameter, this is a big pen!

Pens are made with medium black Bic ballpoint pens.

Our Bullet Pens are refillable, include detailed written instructions to change the refill and come with a lifetime guarantee.
As there are so many individual hand operations required to make our Bullet Pens, each pen will be subtly different in design and dimension.  As brass has been used in military firearms, each pen will be distinct due to minor marks, dings and/or other blemishes on the brass cases.
* Please note that picture is not to scale
Shipping and Handling Information
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Canada Expedited Parcel $9.00 - $20.00 * included included 1 - 2 weeks
USA Small Packet $9.00   included n/a 2 weeks
* remote locations will be higher
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