We design all our handmade Well Dressed Bullet products; Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, Bullet Pens, Card Guards, Clocks, Key Chains, Shotgun Shell Bar & Party Lights and more.
We are a small "Mom and Pop" operation and we have been in business since 1983, operating as Katick Supplies. By the way, Katick is a portmanteau formed from Kathy and Rick (that's us).  Our company is registered with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments; we hold a Business Number with Canada Revenue Agency, and a Business Licence with the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.
We make sure you are very comfortable ordering from us, keeping you well informed on the status of your order; from as soon as you place your order with us, until it arrives in your hand.  We know how nerve racking it can be ordering online.

Rick being the artistic and production side, thinks up, designs and manufactures our products.  He is a bit of a mad scientist and he spends hours in the basement, his laboratory, inventing all kinds of new things. Many make it to our website, and well, some just don't!  Over the years he was very busy adding many new items to our product line.

Did you know that we started out with only two full size bullet pen models?  Those were our Stick and Clicker pens.

We operate our website under A Well Dressed Bullet.  Why?  Our business name Katick Supplies is easily forgotten and often misspelled.

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